Space DOTS is formed of a team of engineers, innovators and space enthusiast with many years collective experience in the space  industry.

After years of being frustrated by the death of ground-breaking ideas due to the cost, complexity and timeframes of the current development testing infrastructure, we decided to do something about it. 


Bianca Cefalo - CEO

Rocket Scientist | Entrepreneur | Space Advocate | Visionary | International Speaker and Equality Activist

Bianca is an Aerospace and Astronautics Engineer with a focus on spacecraft thermal control, hypersonic aerodynamics, microgravity and aerospace remote sensing systems. During nearly a decade spent between Germany and the UK - Bianca has been driving space technologies disruptive innovation, and contributing to the delivery of multiple commercial science missions sponsored by NASA, ESA, DLR, UKSA and EU – including the landing of NASA/JPL InSight Mars Mission. Her childhood passion for automotive and racetracks led Bianca, in 2017, to found her family business GARAGE.Concept Srl - run by her younger brother in Italy, with her supervision.

Bianca is a travel adventurer and adrenaline seeker, who is actively pursuing her mission to empower the next generation of Multiplanetary fierce female leaders, on Earth and beyond.

james v1.png

James Sheppard-Alden - COO

Rocket Scientist Design Engineer  | Inventor 

James is a Spacecraft Product Engineer, specialising in mechanical design. With a MEng in Aerospace engineering, he has years of experience in the space industry working for an European satellite manufacturer. Being involved in multiple projects as a design engineer, he brings the structural, mechanical and design knowledge the team needs to succeed.
At the beginning of his career James founded a consulting business, working on major projects for satellite operators such as AVANTI. As a result, his understanding of the space industry stretches both upstream and downstream applications, providing a uniquely valuable perspective. 
The design board isn't the only place James is thinking about moon walks. In his spare time, he takes to the dance floor. This is where he also gets his affectionate nickname ‘Twinkle toes’