Our Mission

Accelerating space market entry of any new advanced materials, miniaturized components and payloads, at an order of magnitude reduction in cost, complexity and time.

Explain the problem 

Space DOTS® was born with the goal of developing the next generation of Pico-satellites

able to provide novel technologies a cheaper, easier route through space qualification,

and to enable space market entry to a huge new group of innovators and tech pioneers.

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Enabling SMEs, Academia, Industry Primes, & Individual Researchers to access on-orbit testing of

materials, components and miniaturized payloads at an order of magnitude reduction in

cost, complexity and time by providing a modular smartphone-sized platform

with integrated active testing labs, alongside an on-demand ridesharing service.

At the price point of Space DOTS®, our Customers can choose to test directly on-orbit

multiple configurations or materials for the price  they would typically pay for a ground based test campaign.

Challenging the status-quo of how to qualify a product for space and achieve a first-flight heritage.

And eventually, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge beyond our solar system.