With Space DOTS® one-stop-shop solution, we want to make innovation in space simple, time-effective, and  affordable for all. Enabling Industry Primes, SMEs, Academia & Individual Researchers to accelerate space  market entry of advanced materials and novel technologies, by on-demand access to any orbits, using a  smartphone-sized modular satellite with active testing labs, a plug-and-play interface, and next-gen Swarm  DOTS. 

Lighter than 100g, in less than 6 months, at a cost that is an order of magnitude lower than current


Access to space represents the first and indispensable element of the space-related value chain, its costs  determine the costs of entry into the space market and its dynamics. 

At present, the realistic lowest cost for launching a satellite platform into space is over 200k EUR. The process  of organising a launch is time consuming and complicated, and if you are developing technology for space  applications, it needs to fly to space before it can be space qualified.  

With Space DOTS® we are solving the first-flight paradox, bridging the lengthy and expensive gap between on ground tech R&D and on-orbit validation, with a low-cost and light-weight solution that enables faster  technology demonstration required by the emerging market opportunity of ‘In-space Services and Manufacturing’ – predicted to reach cumulative revenues of $4.5bn as soon as 2028.  

In this way a small company that develops, for instance, ground-based electronics components or sensors  could prove the space readiness of the technology with a small sample, for 10’s of thousands instead of 100’s EUR, and within months not years. 

Equally, an Industry Prime can choose Space DOTS® to test directly on-orbit multiple configurations or  materials for the price they would typically pay for one simple ground-based testing campaign; opening new  possibilities to change the institutional mantra (i.e., ESA, NASA) of how to qualify a product for space applications.