Our Products

The first class of Pico-sats with active testing labs,
and a modular ridesharing platform.




Currently the development of new materials, electronics,
or coatings suffers high development costs and expensive failures late in the development.

And once a development is complete there is still a barrier to successful
commercialization, as customers are not keen to fly first a new unproven product.

Using our Pico-sat active testing labs and independent platforms,

Space DOTS® offers a route to first-flight heritage and product confidence at low TRL levels.


A Pico-sat with active testing labs for samples in a 0.1U volume,

hosted on existing commercial Smallsats and ridesharing services to LEO, GEO and Cislunar orbits.

The product line consists of a first generation of 4x active test labs:

Pull test lab, Torsion test lab, Thermo-optical properties test lab, Thermal conductivity test lab.



The modular components used by the Barnacle DOTS can be reconfigured with a
Pico-sat structure, modular add-ons and shared launch adaptor to provide a new class
of flat-sat with either 0.07U or 0.15U payload volume, and moderate power capability.
This satellite will be able to be launched in groups of either 4x in 0.5U or 8x in a 1U Cubesat
volume, enabling miniaturized payloads to access space at a greatly reduced cost. 

Our Service

On-demand ridesharing cycle, in less than 6 months 

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Testing mechanical, thermal and electrical properties with: 

  • Pull Test Labs

  • Torsion Test Lab

  • Thermo-optical properties Lab

  • Thermal Conductivity Lab

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Off the shelf components, mass production, low volume + weight and our partnerships make our costs An order of magnitude less than the industry standard. 

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An order of magnitude less than industry standard. 

off the shelf components, mass production and low volume and weight means we can launch at extremely low cost

The combination of our Web portal, slick order to launch process, and access to a wide range of launces mean that we offer  order to launch times of less than 6 months

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Simple to use

One point of contact for full mission requirements. Everything from launch organisation to data delivery is handled through a secure online portal

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Thanks to our partners across the space eco system we have access to multiple high frequency flights in many orbits. meaning you can test your technology at times that suit you