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About Us

Meet our team of cosmic enthusiasts, who will make

your first orbital leap possible, and stay timeless.

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Our Story

Space DOTS® was founded in January 2021 by a team of three space scientists & engineers with +26 years of collective experience in the space industry, spanning from NASA and ESA interplanetary science missions to thermal control and in-space propulsion systems R&D, from commercial SmallSats to Telecommunication Spacecraft development and innovation, from system engineering to deep-tech startups business development and marketing.

Space DOTS® co-founders met whilst working together for a large Prime in the space
industry, and they bonded over the shared desire to allow everyone to contribute
first-hand to the adventure that is space exploration, firmly believing that space technology
advancements are key for Humankind to thrive as a species.

After managing numerous commercial and R&D projects, they saw how democratic
innovation in space was unjustly stifled due to high ground testing costs, and hardly
accessible on-orbit demonstrations, especially for budgets < £200 K.

Four years later, they decided to do something about it... 

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+26 Years of

Combined experience in the space industry, science and engineering of spacecraft thermal control systems, in-space propulsion and structures.

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Bianca Cefalo

Co-founder & CEO

James Sheppard-Alden

Co-founder & CTO

Dr. James Sadler

Co-founder & Tech Advisor

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+34 Years & more of

U.S. Government service in military and civil remote sensing satellite design, development, launch and on-orbit operations.

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Peter Wilczynski 

NASA HQs Program Executive 

More to be announced...

Technical Board Advisor

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Our Supporters

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Our Partners

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